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Specialist Areas

Logans work with both traditional and technology-based businesses and professionals, providing legal advice to a diverse range of sectors that includes start-ups, private capital, telecoms, real estate, outsourcing, leisure and hospitality. We also provide exclusive services in Disciplinary Investigation Defence globally, the first Australian law firm to specialise in the sector.


Business Law

Tech and



Logans is focused on working with current/potential industry leaders, whether small start-ups or developed companies, in improving their success in the commercial leisure sector, while providing them with a serious civil litigation backbone.


Crime and Compliance

Logans provides the best possible advice and representation to individuals and corporations on everything from driving to drug offences and confiscation proceedings; from complex to general criminal offences. Logans are fierce defenders of their clients' rights and reputations.


Protecting your Reputation




Logans is the first line of defence for professionals, registrants and employees facing investigations, show cause events and interventions by their professional standards boards, regulatory bodies, employers or other investigators.


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